Earning Your Project Management Degree

You can earn your project management degree by finding a GAC accredited project management degree program which will qualify you to sit for the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential examination. Find out where you can earn a project management degree from an accredited institution.

Project Management Exam – You must first decide which professional designation or certification (PMP, CAPM, PgMP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP) you are seeking to determine which project management exam is right for you. The project management exam is issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI) who also award the above project management professional designations. Take a practice project management exam today – Assess Your PMP Exam Readiness with Free Sample Exams.

Challenges of Project Management

The core challenge of project management is to accomplish the project goals while simultaneously managing the various aspects of the project, such as time frame, budget, scope of project, specific project objectives. The most successful project manager will meet the outlined objectives by optimizing the allocation of time and resources.

What is Project Management?

“Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific engineering project goals and objectives. A project is a temporary endeavor; having a defined beginning and end, undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, usually to bring about beneficial change or added value” (source: Wikipedia).

Project Management Courses

Review the project management education options below to determine which course of study best suites your lifestyle.

Project Management Classes – Find project management classes near you at Learning Tree

Short Management Courses help develop your skills and enhance your project management career. NYU Stern offers several 2-3 day short management courses for project managers seeking professional growth and development.

Online Management Courses – accelerate your career with online management courses from Brighton School of Business and Management. Brighton offers a project management course on line to help fit your busy schedule.

More online management courses to choose from > Visit the PMI website for e-learning project management classes available online.

Why Consider a Career in Project Management?

Project management generally refers to an advanced degree for people who wish to specialize in their specific field. Project management is a highly specialized profession where key requirements are time managements skills, organizational skills and ability to delegate tasks efficiently. If you do not possess these skills or do not enjoy these duties then project management is not the ideal choice. Many project managers find employment in the software and IT fields with major technology companies. These positions pay very competitive salaries and offer full health care benefits packages. To advance their careers further and un-lock more earnings potential many project managers become senior project managers. Senior project managers earn higher salaries and take on larger-scale projects and greater levels of responsibility.

Top U.S. Project Management Programs

Top U.S. Project Management Programs

University of Chicago – Graham School

UC Berkeley Extension – Certificate Program in Project Management

The George Washington University School of Business – Master of Science in Project Management

Keller Graduate School of Management – Master of Project Management (MPM)

Boston University – Master of Science in Project Management

Project Management Exam Prep Guide

For those looking to break into a career in project management you must first pass the project management exam to obtain the necessary certification. Once you achieve the designation of project manager you will have a competitive advantage in today’s job market and be able to earn a higher salary.

A good starting point to prepare for the exam is to take a practice test to assess your current knowledge level. For those who are already familiar with project management this might turn out very well. For others who are just beginning to learn about project management this test will show you where you need to learn the most. You can take a 70 question practice exam online at preparepm.com. After you complete the exam you can determine your score by checking the answer guide at the end of the test.  The minimum score required to pass the project management exam is 60.6% or 106 out of 175 questions.

If your score exceeds the passing rate you should consider enrolling to take the actual project management exam through the Project Management Institute (PMI). The sooner you earn your PMP certification the closer you are to obtaining employment as a project manager. If your score falls below 60.6% then it is wise to enroll in an exam preparation course to help you study for the test.

There are a variety of project management exam prep options available, including online self-study courses, online classroom courses and in-person classroom courses. If you are a working professional and have limited time the online self-study method might work best. If you have some time available and prefer a classroom setting where you can ask the instructor questions then the classroom courses are preferable. The project management exam prep course can be completed in as little as 4 days. After completing a prep course you should re-evaluate your skills by taking another practice test.

The actual PMP certification exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions and costs several hundred dollars to complete. If you are weighing your options and trying to decide if the PMP certification is worth having consider this: Project Managers who hold a PMP certification earn 10% more on average than project managers without the certification.

Project Manager Info Guide

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